At Loop, we understand that privacy is the best way to feel secure in asking questions and gathering responses. We know that privacy policies can be difficult to navigate, so we’ve developed a plain-English guide to privacy on our platform.

Student responses are private to them and who receives them

This means when a student provides a response on Loop, no other student can see it. This creates a safe space to communicate without fear of being judged or embarrassed.

If a teacher permits anonymous responses on a particular question, a student can choose whether their response is identified or anonymous. If a response is anonymous, then any messaging that follows that response protects the anonymity of that student.

Institution administrators or leaders cannot access or in any way view the Loop accounts of students.

Questions asked by teachers and the responses they receive are private to them

Individual questions asked by teachers, as well as individual student responses, are viewable only by the teacher and the relevant student.

Teachers also have full control over whether they receive anonymised responses, and can control functionality at the level of each question they ask.

Institution administrators or leaders cannot access or in any way view the Loop accounts of teachers.

Institutional plans include activity reports and big picture data  

To verify usage and to provide understanding at an institution- or system-wide level, Loop provides institutional leaders with basic activity data. This data includes:

  • The number of responses, messages, announcements and members on the platform as a whole
  • Quantitative data points for a small number of questions designated at an institution. This aggregated and anonymised level and cannot be linked to any teacher or class.
  • Whether a teacher has gathered responses or a student provided responses across a designated time period. This is designated by a “tick” next to an individual’s name. Additional ticks are placed next to a teacher’s name if they have also asked a model question, although no data about that model question is provided (not even which question it was).


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us, or visit our Trust and Safety page to view our official Privacy Policy.