Loop for Leaders

Real-time student feedback can advance your teaching and learning programs, measure student experience and improve completions.

Find out how Loop can help you:


Measure student experience like never before

Market-leading student response rates with easy-to-use app and optional anonymity functionality

Access data as responses come in, in real-time

Get started immediately with no IT integration

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Transform teaching and learning programs

Understand the impact of change and measure success

Real-time, big picture data linking learning environment progress to strategy

Make informed decisions, increase the pace of continuous improvement

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Improve completion and retention rates

Students feel heard and problems are addressed in real-time

Gather responses from students in a format that is comfortable for international and less confident students to express their thoughts

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Our engagement with Loop has been high value and high impact, particularly as we move to embed flexible, innovative teaching practices across our organisation as part of our transformation strategy.


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Understand your students better